Case Study
The Case Of Natasha
Case Study
The Case Of Natasha


Natasha has signed for a 2 week body transformation (very unrealistic) - she wants to look fit for her wedding - and will be able to train 3x per week with you and 1x per week by herself.
Natasha would like to train in her house because of the weather, she isn’t keen on the idea of having to go outdoors - as she only has a yoga mat at home, so the equipment she has available is very limited.
Natasha is ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal of looking as good as she used to be.


Natasha wants to lose weight within 5 weeks of training. She wants to lose at least 5kg - in order to fit in her dress, which is a size 10 (she is currently size 12).
She wants to workout on her upper back which is weak compared to the rest of her body.

She wants to workout on her glutes in order to make them more toned.

Exercise & Injury History

Natasha previously ran the Tough Mudder 2008. But she has stopped. Now she is just doing Yoga once a week.

Natasha is not feeling comfortable with her body - she always has the feeling that her muscles are tight, especially in her neck.

Initial Pre Exercise Assessment Observations

Overhead Squat: She was able to perform an average overhead squat. During this assessment, we could clearly see the lack of mobility.

Bodyweight Squat: It's hard for her to keep her toes on the floor during the movement and, she leans backward during the initial portion of performing a squat.
Training Programme
Write a detailed 2 week training plan for the client example provided above.

This MUST include other fitness assessments, exercise selection, tempo, sets, reps, and rest periods for the whole 5 weeks.

Outline WHY you have made these recommendations.
  Please bear in mind that there are NO right or wrong answers, as long as you can justify yourself!
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