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I wanted to get in shape for my wedding and even with the very limited time we had, my assigned coach Keanu was there every step of the way, when something needed changing he'd be more than happy to do so, i'm more than grateful!
As someone who has struggled with losing weight, online coaching was the best route for me. With Purify's elite service, I was advised by Keanu to go back to basics. He taught me everything I needed to know to achieve my goal and make a positive shift in my mindset. Absolutely amazing!
Truly one of the best digital workout program options out there. It took a while to start seeing results in the mirror as Purify had to monitor my program and change some exercises due to my injuries, but they were brilliant and changed the program without a fuss!
Purify kept me accountable with my eating habits by not just helping me put on a little bit of muscle, but by changing my life for the better. This experience truly has been amazing and has changed my life. Every month I've been noticing a weight increase and its amazing to see me near the best version of myself.
Dieting was made so easy and I was still able to have my cheat meals which made it even easier. I'm a big fan of the shopping list feature which just takes the stress away of having to think about what you need to buy, the program was simple to use and i'll definitely be back just before the summer!
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